The FAQ-tastic Zone (FAQs)


How do I ship my part to your facility for repair? 

Will you coordinate the pickup of my unit?

Alrighty, folks! It's your responsibility to pack up and ship that part over to us. We're talking UPS or FedEx, not some ancient socks and old tees DIY packing extravaganza! Remember, bubble wrap is your best bud in this packaging party, so let's keep it classy and cushiony!


Will my unit require reprogramming after it's been fixed?

Most of the items we repair or sell plug & play units won't need any programming once you get your unit back – just reinstall it, and you're good to roll. In those rare instances where software replacement is necessary due to corruption, programming might be needed. But don't worry, we'll give you a heads-up and guide you through the process if that's the case.


If I buy this, will it fix my issue?

Other problems with the vehicle might be behind your symptoms, even if they seem similar to those described in our common fault list. It's crucial to conduct a thorough professional diagnostic check and rule out all other possible causes beforehand.

If you purchase a replacement unit via "Buy Now" because of a misdiagnosis, we can't offer a full refund once the component is installed. Most components will require reprogramming, retesting, and remanufacturing after being returned to us, so we can only provide a 50% refund in such cases.

If you opt for the "Repair or Programming Service" due to a misdiagnosis, we'll charge a testing fee plus return shipping. If we test the unit and find it's not faulty, we'll refund the remaining payment to you.

IMPORTANT! If you're unsure whether this part is causing the issue, we advise against proceeding with the purchase. Instead, seek further professional advice and diagnosis.


If I install a repaired or a replacement unit in the vehicle, only to find out that something else was causing the issue, can I return the functional unit and get a full refund?

If you buy a replacement part from us and discover that another issue was at fault, you can usually return the item in perfect working condition. We'll refund the full amount, deducting programming, restocking, and shipping fees.


Do you provide a service for removing and reinstalling?

As a specialized electronics rework company, we don't provide removal and refitting services. You'll need to make arrangements for your unit to be removed and refitted to the vehicle.


Can I bring the car down to you?

As we don't provide removal or refitting services, bringing the car to us isn't feasible. You'll have to organize the removal and refitting of the unit independently.


If I drop off my unit directly, can it be tested or rebuilt on the same day?

We don't have drop-off facilities, so it's not feasible for your unit to be tested or rebuilt on the same day.



I've searched the website but couldn't find my part. Are you still capable of repairing it or providing me with a programmed replacement?
If you're unable to locate your part or service on our website, don't worry! We might still be able to assist you, as we don't list every part number we work with. Simply reach out to us with your part number. Additionally, please provide us with the VIN, year, make, model, and a photo of the part or its number. We're here to help!

What occurs if the courier misplaces my package?

If your order goes missing during delivery, please reach out to us to file a claim. Resolutions are determined individually and vary greatly depending on the specific part that was lost.


What happens if my part is damaged when I receive it?
If your part arrives damaged, please get in touch with us to report the issue, and we'll take steps to resolve it promptly. We'll collaborate with the courier to review and process your damage claim. Additional resolutions will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, with outcomes contingent upon the specific part in question.


What authorization is required for ECU Maverick technicians to perform service work on a computer?
The owner needs to authorize ECU Maverick technicians to carry out service work on their computer.

What services are ECU Maverick technicians trained to perform?
ECU Maverick technicians are trained to perform both computer software and hardware service work.

What liability disclaimer is acknowledged by customers when receiving services from ECU Maverick?
Customers agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless ECU Maverick from liability for any claims for damages arising from services performed on their computer, regardless of negligence.

What is the responsibility of the owner regarding data loss during service work performed by ECU Maverick?
The owner acknowledges that ECU Maverick is not responsible for any data loss that may occur as a result of service work performed on their computer.

How should customers direct technical inquiries or warranty-related matters to ECU Maverick?
Technical questions or warranty-related matters should be directed strictly through email to ECU Maverick's technical support team at

What information should be included in an email inquiry to ECU Maverick's technical support team?
Emails to ECU Maverick's technical support team should include the VIN, order number, a photo of the part in question, and any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) associated with the issue.

What is required before mailing any parts to ECU Maverick for evaluation?
Prior approval must be obtained, and the accuracy of the diagnosis must be verified before sending any parts to ECU Maverick.

How are warranty claims submitted to ECU Maverick?
All warranty claims must be formally submitted via email.
To initiate a warranty claim, kindly refrain from reaching out to us via live chat or phone. We require all communications to be documented via email for proper record-keeping. Please avoid general statements like "my part is bad" or "my part failed." Instead, ensure that your email includes pertinent details such as your order number, along with a screenshot or a photo of any fault codes (DTCs), and a description of the symptoms you are encountering. Should you choose to return the part to us for inspection, please be aware that if it tests functional upon our examination, you may incur a bench testing and return fee. We urge you to be entirely confident in your assessment before returning the item. Our testing procedures are meticulous and time-intensive, as our skilled technicians are compensated hourly. As a result, we cannot accommodate complimentary re-tests or reprogramming. We highly recommend engaging qualified technicians and mechanics to diagnose and address any issues with your vehicle. Their expertise ensures accurate diagnosis and efficient resolution of problems.
Documentation required for warranty claims includes proof of installation by an ASE certified mechanic, proof of maintenance, and detailed diagnosis of the part's failure or defect.

What exceptions are not covered by ECU Maverick's warranty policy?
Exceptions not covered by ECU Maverick's warranty policy include improper installation, failure due to accidents, abuse, misuse, vehicle modifications, and environmental conditions.

What communication channels are reserved for sales inquiries and general queries?
Live chat, text messaging, and phone calls are exclusively reserved for sales inquiries and general queries.

What is ECU Maverick's refund policy on products and services?
ECU Maverick has a strict no-refund policy on all products and services.

What behavior does ECU Maverick's Zero Tolerance Policy address?

We value every individual regardless of their societal status and uphold a policy of non-discrimination. We anticipate reciprocal respect in all interactions. Effective communication is key to resolving any issues that may arise.
ECU Maverick's Zero Tolerance Policy addresses any aggressive, threatening, or abusive behavior towards its staff, whether in person, over the telephone, or in written communication.

What is ECU Maverick's Extortion Policy aimed at preventing?

ECU Maverick's Extortion Policy aims to prevent buyers from using threats of negative feedback to gain additional benefits not included in the original listing.