Mailing Instructions for Repair Services

Attention Valued Customers!

In our ongoing efforts to streamline our repair and programming services and minimize errors, we have implemented some changes. Due to a significant incidence of misdiagnosis, we are now required to review and approve all service orders before they are shipped to our facility.

To expedite this process and ensure efficient service, we kindly request the following information:

  1. Vehicle history and previous repair work undertaken.
  2. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), year, make, model, and transmission type.
  3. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) or fault codes.
  4. Detailed symptoms of the failure.
  5. Description of diagnostic procedures conducted to identify the faulty or malfunctioning part.
  6. Clear photo of the part along with its part number.
  7. The repair shop's name, address, and the manager's or mechanic's contact details are provided. Should further information be required, we will reach out to them.


Once we receive this information, our skilled technicians will promptly assess whether we can assist you. Please note that failure to provide the requested details will result in a delay in processing your order, and you may not receive a response from us.
Furthermore, we kindly remind our customers to maintain patience and respect throughout the service process. We uphold a zero-tolerance policy towards disrespectful behavior or entitlement. We strive to provide exemplary service and expect mutual respect from our valued customers.
Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.
ECU Maverick 
After you finish placing your order, remember that the shipping label you paid for during checkout is for the return label to you. You are responsible to buy the outbound label separately to send your part to us. We thank you for your cooperation.

1. Place your order:
   Complete your purchase.

2. Prepare your shipment:

  1. Print your confirmation page.
  2. Include the copy of your confirmation page along with your order # (if it applies).
  3. Include your contact information (email, phone #)
  4. Add any additional information inside the box such as: VIN #, Fault/Error Codes etc.
This will help expedite the process to identify your order and help our technicians. Thank you for your cooperation!

3. Ship to:
   ECU Maverick
   16387 S Tamiami Trail
   Suite G
   Fort Myers, Florida

4. Shipping Instructions:
   - Please use UPS or FedEx for shipping.
   - Package your item using only bubble wrap.
   - Ensure your package for added protection.

5. Avoid using:

    - Styrofoam or shredded paper for packaging.



  • Contact us at: for any questions or concerns about your package.