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2004-2005 Volkswagen Passat Diesel TDI ECU OEM Bosch ECU

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  • Service Type: OEM Bosch Diesel ECU for (2004-2005) VW Passat TDI
  • Has been refurbished by ECU Maverick
  • Plug-and-Play
  • No complicated re-coding or re-flashing

Important: It is crucial for the buyer to send the VIN, transmission type and describe the problem. Once received, we will ship our unit to you. After installation, you must then ship your core unit back to us.

Please read our Core Fee Policy below.**

038906016L 0281011433 038 906 016L 0 281 011 433



Symptoms of Failure

  1. Engine misfires or rough idling.
  2. Difficulty starting the engine, especially in cold conditions.
  3. Decreased fuel efficiency.
  4. Illumination of the check engine light (CEL) on the dashboard.
  5. Loss of power or hesitation during acceleration.
  6. Issues with engine performance and responsiveness.
  7. Problems with emissions control, potentially leading to increased emissions.
  8. Inability to communicate with vehicle diagnostic tools


1-2 Business Days.

Installation Guarantee

You have within 10 days to install the product and inform us if it's functioning properly. If any issues arise during this period, we'll assist you in resolving them at no cost.

Please note that after the initial 10 days, this guarantee cannot be applied, and there may be associated costs for repairs or replacements.


Please contact us for warranty inquiries at:

Reprogramming Required?

No Adaptions or Dealer Trips Required. Plug-and-Play

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