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2010-2020 FORD Lincoln Edge Explorer BCM BODY CONTROL MODULE Plug & Play Junction Block, Module Door Lock And Alarm

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Ford BCM Plug & Play Programming Service.
Have a faulty BCM?
Ship your original unit  to us, we will program our part, and ship it to you within 1-2 business days.

Plug & Play Guaranteed!
All part numbers are covered JU5Z-15604-BY, GR3T-15604, HU5T-15604
DB5Z-15604-C FG9T-15604 FL3T-15604 DB5Z-15604-C
DB5Z-15604-A; DB5Z-15604-B; DB5Z-15604-C; DB5Z15604A; DB5Z15604B
DG1T-14B476-AA DG1T14B476AA

DB5Z-15604-C BB5Z-15604-A, BB5Z-15604-B, CB5Z-15604-A, DB5Z-15604-B