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Porsche Steering Lock Module ELV REPAIR SERVICE Cayenne VW Touareg Audi A8 ELV Steering Lock Module 4E0905852 4E0905852C 4E0905852D 4E0905852E

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Steering Lock (Start Authorization)
Repair /Re-manufacturing Service.

We a selling a repair service that consists of installing new, upgraded parts in your original failed steering lock. We bench test our work and ship your part back to you! Please send your Kessy module, ignition switch + key, and the steering lock.

This service only fixes the following code 00288 - Steering Column Lock Actuator  Defective

Common problem this repair services fixes:

 -Takes several attempts before car will start

-Steering lock fault code 00288 (steering lock actuator N360)

-Clicking noise when key inserted

-No ignition car will not start

-Vehicle immobilized

-Steering wheel locked

TURNAROUND:: 2-4 Business Days


Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg, AUDI A8, Bentley


4E0905852 4E0905852C 4E0905852D 4E0905852E