Mercedes-Benz ECU Renew Virginizing Unlocking Service

Mercedes-Benz ECU Renew Virginizing Unlocking Service

In 1996, Mercedes began “VIN locking ECUs". As these cars get older, it's increasingly difficult to justify spending money on a new ECU. 

ECU Maverick is able to “unlock” these ECUs and put them into a ready-to-program state, similar to a new unit.

Please remember that all Mercedes ECUs 2003+ require SCN coding.
Once the unit is unlocked, you must have a factory tool to program and initialize the module.

Is it safe to go with an unlocked unit?
Generally speaking, yes. Most used units are coming out of wrecked vehicles and if they were stored properly will be perfectly functional.

We would advise avoiding flood damaged vehicles as a source for parts as water corrosion may not be visible from the outside of the unit. Please keep in mind that while the cost is cheaper, the risk is higher with used parts. There is no way to guarantee the longevity of a used part. 

Do you provide the used unit?
We have select ECU part numbers in stock we sell as USED parts with a 90-day warranty. Contact us with your vehicle's VIN and ECU part number, and we will be glad to see if we have it on the shelf. Units provided by the customer for unlocking do NOT include a warranty. 

Will you test the unit for me?
We will only do a basic check for water or electrical damage, as well as check for communication with the module to verify that it has been unlocked. We do not have test vehicles to physically test ECUs.

What's the warranty on an unlocked ECU?
Other than verifying communication and that the unit has been unlocked, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee on used units that have been provided by the customer.

  • HFM (104/111)
  • ME 1.0 (119/120) 
  • ME 2.0/2.1 (104/111/112/113/119) 
  • ME 2.7/2.8 (112/113/137) 
  • ME 9.7 (272/273) 
  • SIMM4 (271) 
  • SIMM266 (266) 
  • CDI (642/647/648) 

How long does this service take?
We can typically perform this service within 1-2 business days of arrival. Including a note with your contact information and what service you need done will help expedite this process. 

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