ECU Maverick's Returns Policy & Terms of Service

ECU maverick has a strict no-refund policy on all products and services.

ECU Maverick re-manufactures and repairs highly advanced electronic automotive components. All our programming services are permanent to a particular vehicle and become unusable and unsalable when returned.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to have the vehicle properly diagnosed prior to purchasing any of our products or ordering any of our repair or programming services.

If you bought a part from us, you will have to send us your core. Once we receive your core, we will extract the VIN and other important data and transfer this information to your replacement unit. Your old core will be recycled for parts and will be non-returnable.

If your part has been previously opened or altered, there may be an extra charge/fee to fix/reprogram your unit.

Terms & Conditions

Repair & Programming Services provided by ECU Maverick are experimental & do NOT guarantee to solve the problem, and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

All repair & programming services provided by ECU Maverick are proprietary and cannot be disclosed. All repair & programming Services are Confidential & protected by a combination of state and federal laws.

ECU Maverick does NOT give any guarantees that programming & repair services they provide will solve the problem.

-Parts (New Aftermarket Replacement, used OEM & OEM/Refurbished) sold by ECU Maverick can ONLY be returned for warranty exchange, No Refunds will be issued.

-Programming & Repair Services are NON-REFUNDABLE

-Cores are non-returnable. All cores are destroyed during the process of information retrieval process.
If you do NOT agree to our Terms & Conditions, please do not use our services or buy our products.

  • It is the responsibility of the owner to consult with us about any problems or warranty issues, before going to a third party for a diagnosis or a resolution.
  • If you have misdiagnosed the problem, ECU Maverick cannot be held liable.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We treat our customers with courtesy and ask the same in return. 
We ask that you treat us courteously –without violence, abuse or harassment.

We have right to offer repair & programming services for others without fear of being attacked or abused.  Any behavior verbal or physical which causes staff to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened is totally unacceptable.

The Zero Tolerance policy includes aggression or threats made In person, over the telephone or in a written communication.  The practice considers threatening behavior to be:

  •     Attempted or actual, aggressive threatening physical actions towards any member of staff
  •     The use of aggressive, threatening or abusive language (including raising of the voice, swearing and cursing, shouting) which threatens or intimidates staff

Any instance or threat of physical abuse will be reported to the police, and your part(s) will be rejected/returned in the original condition it was received.  

Instances of abusive/threatening behavior will be reported to the owner, and recorded into an Incident Log Book and a warning letter sent to the customer.

Extortion Policy

Buyers aren't allowed to use threats of negative feedback to try to get something that wasn't part of the original listing.

 Warranty Policy

All parts are guaranteed to be in proper working condition at the time of purchase. Every part purchased through our online store includes warranty to the original purchaser of the part provided that you are still the owner of the vehicle on which the part was installed.

This is a PARTS ONLY warranty, NO LABOR costs will be covered by this warranty. Refunds are capped at the original item and do not include any labor, diagnostics, towing, or any other expense related to an item being defective/damaged/incorrect. Warranty applies to parts that become defective within the warranty period. In order for the warranty to be applicable, the part must have been working and then failed. This warranty cannot be transferred to anyone at any time.
If a part is damaged, defective or incorrect upon receipt, it is considered a return and we must be notified and the part must be returned within 7 business days of delivery.
The buyer is responsible for all return shipping & handling costs. Shipping & handling fees are non-refundable.

All parts must be installed within 7 days of delivery.
This is not a 1 year return policy.

All parts must be installed by an ASE certified mechanic at an ASE certified repair center. Installation requirements typically part of mechanic protocol must be fulfilled for warranty eligibility (see installation requirements for more details).
Proof of maintenance must be provided. Proof and documentation of warranty requirements may be requested for warranty to be applicable. You are responsible for shipping the original part back to us in order to receive your replacement part or refund. Clear diagnosis and proof of the part's failure or defect must be made by the ASE certified mechanic who is installing/uninstalling your part.

*Required documentation must be produced within 10 days of opening a warranty claim. A claim is considered open when our company responds to your initial warranty claim inquiry. Your claim must be made with us within 30 days of the diagnosis of the part's failure.

Warranty Procedure

All warranty claims must be initiated via email. All email requests must be directed to Please include your order number and precise explanation of the issue. We require an invoice of installation dated within 7 business days of receipt of your part printed on repair center's company letter head. We will also need a scanned copy of the mechanic's certification and a detailed diagnosis of the part's failure or defect from the auto repair center on the auto repair center's letterhead. We may also request a proof of completion of installation requirements listed above. Requested documentation must be produced within 7 days of opening a claim. A claim is considered open when our company has responded to your warranty inquiry.

Additional documentation may be required such as proof of personal, non-commercial use of the vehicle and licensed mechanic installation invoice.
If you are returning for an exchange/warranty work, please include a printed paper with your name and order number, so that we can quickly process your order. Please note, if you ship your part back and there is no order number or name of the customer, it may result in delays or void your warranty. 


Warranty Exceptions - Conditions not covered by warranty...
    Improper installation of the part
    Failure due to accident or collision
    Vehicle is found under manufacturer’s recall
    Abuse, misuse, vehicle modification or vehicle is used off-road or for racing purposes
    Part is installed in vehicle other than the manufacturer designed the part for
    The installer failed to clear computer codes
    Failure due to fire, theft, vandalism, acts of terror, explosion, lightning, earthquake, hurricane, water damage, freezing or any other environmental conditions


Storage Fees
Storage fees may apply if the buyer/customer fails to ship all the required parts. For example, if we ask you to ship your immobilizer, engine computer and key, and you fail to ship one of the parts, we may charge you a storage fee. $5 per day.
Please make sure you follow the directions to avoid delays and storage fees.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to have the vehicle properly diagnosed prior to purchasing any one of our products or ordering any of our repair services.