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BMW E46 323i 325i 328i 323ci 325ci 328ci 330i 330ci M3 Bosch MotoMeter Speedometer Instrument Cluster Kombi Repair Service

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Have a bad cluster?
Is your cluster dead?
Gauges not working?

This Is a Repair Service to your gauge cluster.
You have to send your cluster to me for repair.

This repair service will correct the following issues

    Intermittent or non working gauges caused by faulty stepper motors
    Full power loss(ABS or SRS Light may be on)

If you have other issues. Contact us

Not covered in this service

    Physical damage
    Broken lens cover
    Damages done by previous attempts to repair
    Melted Displays (mostly seen from hot regions like Florida)

This Service Includes

    We will power up and test the cluster.
    We will repair the gauges as needed.
    We will power up and test the cluster for proper function after the repairs have been made.
    You will receive a limited lifetime parts and labor guarantee on the work that was done.
    We will pay for the return shipping. 

If your cluster has been previously repaired it may now be un-repairable depending on the damage that was done to it. If this is your case send us some pictures and we should be able to determine if we can repair it or not.

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62116985652, 6985652
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62116925395, 6925395
62116931252, 6931252
62116915246, 6915246
62116911295, 6911295
62116910284, 6910284
62116906897, 6906897
62116902371, 6902371
62116901930, 6901930
62118387613, 8387613
62118386110, 8386110
62108381852, 8381852
62118380162, 8380162

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