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INFINITI Nissan Body Control Module BCM Calsonic Kansei | Fusebox – Programming Service

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Programming service for Nissan/Infiniti Calsonic Kansei BCM 2006-2012 models.

We are not supplying the unit - You will need to send 2 units for programming
(Your original faulty unit & your donor unit)

  • If you have a faulty Electronic Control Unit (ECU) / Programmed component on your vehicle, for example it may be water damaged or have a blown component and are looking to replace the unit you may be aware that you cannot simply remove a unit from another vehicle & install it onto yours as the unit is 'Locked' to a different vehicles electronic / immobilizer system. We have the solution! Simply send us your original (Faulty) unit & the donor (Replacement) unit & will will transfer the data from your original to the replacement enabling the used unit to work on your vehicle with no further programming necessary. In most cases we can extract the necessary data whether your original unit is completely dead with 'No communication' with a diagnostic scanner. Once the donor unit has been programmed (Cloned) your vehicle will then start & run, the mileage display & the central locking etc will be unaffected & operate as it should.

Please ensure that both your original (Faulty) unit & your replacement (Donor) unit have identical part numbers.