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Mercedes-Benz Key Programming Service All Years & Models

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Our Mercedes-Benz Key Programming Service is available via mail for all years and models up to 2013. However, please note that we do not support models from 2014 and beyond. For these newer models, key programming must be conducted at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership due to the FBS4 immobilizer system.

If you've misplaced all your keys, kindly send your ignition switch module to us. If you do possess a functioning key, please include it with the ignition switch. We offer our own key and hassle-free plug-and-play programming service.




More about the FBS4 Immobilizer System:
Programming keys for Mercedes vehicles using FBS4 (FBS4 stands for "Freiburger Benz System") can be challenging due to the complex security protocols implemented by Mercedes-Benz. FBS4 is a highly secure system designed to prevent unauthorized access and key duplication.

There are several reasons why key programming might not be possible:

  1. Security Features: FBS4 systems employ advanced encryption and security features to prevent unauthorized key programming. These systems are designed to be highly resistant to hacking and cloning attempts.

  2. Specialized Equipment: Key programming for FBS4 Mercedes vehicles typically requires specialized equipment and software that may not be readily available to the general public. Access to this equipment is often restricted to authorized dealerships and certified technicians.

  3. Manufacturer Restrictions: Mercedes-Benz may impose restrictions on key programming procedures to ensure that it is only performed by authorized personnel. This is done to maintain the integrity and security of the vehicle's systems.

  4. Anti-Theft Measures: FBS4 systems incorporate anti-theft measures that make it difficult to program new keys without proper authorization. These measures are designed to protect the vehicle from theft and unauthorized access.

Overall, programming keys for Mercedes vehicles with FBS4 systems requires expertise, specialized equipment, and authorization from the manufacturer. Attempting to program keys without the necessary knowledge and tools can lead to damage to the vehicle's systems and compromise its security. Therefore, it's recommended to seek assistance from authorized dealerships or certified technicians for key programming tasks.