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BMW N55 DME Rental Loaner Service MEVD172G

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DME Rental/Loaner Service!

You pay $950 to rent/lease our DME.

If you are suspecting your DME is or may be faulty, we recommend you install our rental DME to rule out the issue first. 

You have 10 days to use it. 

The DME must be sent back to us after the 10 day period expires. Once we receive our DME back, you will get $700 refund (we keep the remaining amount). 
Please do not: Open our DME, alter in any way, do not tune it, do not flash it.
Applicable Part Numbers:

12148621007 8621007
12148624494 8624494
12148626762 8626762
12148626472 8626472
12147540686 7540686
12148639582 8639582
12148665279 8665279
12148674949 8674949