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Mercedes-Benz W204 C300 C350 C63AMG® SAM Signal Acquisition Module Front Fuse Box Plug & Play

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Mercedes-Benz W204 C-Class SAM Signal Acquisition Module Did your original module sustain water damage or malfunctioning? We offer assistance!
Simply send us your original module, and we will program our unit and return it to you within 2-3 business days! 
No programming required! Enjoy our plug-and-play service!

1-year warranty directly from us!
If you don't find your part or part number listed, please reach out to us for further assistance.

204-540-43-50, 204-545-03-69, 204-545-46-01, 204-545-47-01, 204-545-56-01, 204-545-64-01, 204-900-54-01, 204-900-67-09 204-900-67-09-64 204-900-67-09
2049006709 A204-900-67-09 A2049006709
2049000700 2045450269 204 900 07 00 204 545 02 69 2049000700 204 900 07 00 2049000800 2049009701  2049009601 204 900 96 01

The W204 front SAM (Signal Acquisition and Actuation Module) in Mercedes-Benz vehicles serves as a central control unit for various electrical functions within the vehicle's front section. It plays a crucial role in managing and distributing power to different components and systems, including lighting, wipers, power windows, central locking, and more.

Specifically, the W204 front SAM module controls functions related to the vehicle's exterior lighting, such as headlights, turn signals, fog lights, and parking lights. Additionally, it may oversee functions like windshield wipers, rain sensors, and other electrical components located in the front section of the vehicle.

In essence, the front SAM module acts as a communication hub that receives signals from various switches and sensors throughout the vehicle and translates them into appropriate actions, ensuring proper operation of the vehicle's electrical systems.