• Airbag Module Repair & Programming

    Instead of throwing away your airbag SRS module and buying a new or used one, you can do a service called “Airbag Module Repair Service”. This will allow you to use your existing airbag module, saving you time and hundreds of dollars.


    We specialize in engine computer programming. If you have a designated replacement ECU, we can clone your original ECU data onto the replacement one. Doing so will allow you to use the replacement ECU.
    The cloning process includes programming the VIN, immobilizer and other critical functions. Don’t spend money on a new one when a used ECU and cloning service will cost you a fraction of what the dealership will charge you just for the ECU alone.
    We also carry a wide variety of remanufactured OEM units

  • Key, Immobilizer & Steering Lock Repair & Programming

    Not all locksmiths provide European car key replacement services however, we at ECU Maverick provide car key replacement services exclusively for European cars. 

    ECU Maverick offers a wide range of automotive locksmith services, for all European car brands. We provide car key replacement services to different European makes and models. Irrespective of the car model, our highly skilled auto locksmiths are experts in providing car key replacement services. If your European car key is lost, misplaced, stolen or broken we replace your car keys at your convenience. We use the latest auto security technology and software for programming the keys.

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