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2006-2014 Mazda 3 Mazda 5 TCM Transmission Control Module TCM TCU REPAIR SERVICE REBUILDING

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No Programming required!


We can fix it by replacing ALL failed and prone to failure components and ship it back to you within 1-2 business days!

How to purchase this service:
Place your order, print your order number and mail your TCM to us, we will take care of the rest.

ECU Maverick
16387 S Tamiami Trail
Ste G
Fort Myers, FL 33908


Service Type: Repair Service
Turnaround:  2-3 Business Days
Warranty: 3 years
Reprogramming Required? No, Plug & Play!
Common Failure Symptoms

Common Failures:

  • Check Engine light and AT lights are on

  • Vehicle stays in 3rd gear only (safe mode)

  • Hard or a heavy "kick" on "drive" and "reverse"

  • Hard shifting on gears

Common Codes:

  • Error U0073 - control Module Communication Bus "A" is off (the e-Data bus control is disabled)

  • Error U0100 - Lost Communication with ECM/PCM "a" error (data bus, engine control module (ECM) "A"-no link)

  • Error U0101 - Lost Communication with TCM (data bus, transmission control module (TCM) - no link)

  • Error P0715 - Input/Turbine Speed sensor "A" Circuit (the rotation frequency sensor of the input shaft of automatic gearbox (Hydrotransformer turbine)- Electrical circuit failure)

  • Error P0720 - Output Speed sensor Circuit error (shaft rotation frequency sensor - fault of electrical circuit)

  • Error P0744 - Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Intermittent (Electromagnetic valve coupling of a hydro transformer - unreliable pin of the electrical circuit)

  • Error P0745 - Pressure control solenoid valve manifold "A" (Gearbox Electromagnetic fluid pressure control valve - electric circuit fault)

  • Error P0748 - Pressure control solenoid valve manifold "A" Electrical Gearbox (electromagnetic pressure control valve - electrical malfunction)

  • Error P0753 - Shift solenoid valve manifold "A" Electrical (Gearbox electromagnetic valve A - electrical malfunction)

  • Error P0758 - Shift solenoid valve manifold "B" Electrical (Gearbox electromagnetic valve B in - electrical malfunction)

  • Error P0763 - Shift solenoid valve manifold "C" Electrical (Gearbox electromagnetic valve C in - electrical malfunction)

  • Error P0768 - Shift solenoid valve manifold "D" Electrical (Gearbox electromagnetic valve D - electrical malfunction)

  • Error P0773 - Shift solenoid valve manifold "E" Electrical (Gearbox electromagnetic valve E in - electrical malfunction)

  • Error P0778 - Pressure control solenoid valve manifold "B" electrical (electromagnetic valve B in pressure control - electrical malfunction)

  • Error P0791 - Intermediate Shaft speed sensor "A" Circuit (intermediate shaft frequency sensor - failure of the electrical circuit)

  • Error P0841 - Transmission Fluid Pressure sensor/Switch "A" error - Circuit Range/performance (sensor A of the pressure of the work fluid of gearbox - band/function)

  • Error P0882 - TCM Power Input Signal Low (Gearbox electronic control module - low power supply voltage)

  • Error P0883 - TCM Power Input Signal Low (Gearbox electronic control module - high power supply voltage)

  • Error P0884 - TCM Power Input Signal Intermittent (Gearbox electronic control module (TCM), input power signal - unreliable pin of the electrical circuit)

  • Error P2709 - Shift solenoid valve manifold "F" Electrical (electromagnetic valve F gear switches - electrical malfunction)

Common Part Numbers:

2.0L, 2006-2011: L32E189E1, L32E189E1A, L32E189E1B, L32E189E1C, L32E189E1D, L34N189E1, L34N189E1A, L34N189E1B, L34N189E1C, L34N189E1D,

2.5L, 2006-2014: L552189E1, L552189E1A, L552189E1B, L552189E1C ,L552189E1D, L552189E1E, L552189E1F, L552189E1G, L552189E1H, L552189E1J

2.5L, 2006-2014: L5G6189E1, L5G6189E1A, L5G6189E1B, L5G6189E1C, L5G6189E1D, L5G6189E1E, L5G6189E1F, L5G6189E1G, L5TE189E1, L5TE189E1A, L5TE189E1B, L5TE189E1C, L5TE189E1D, L5TE189E1E, L5TE189E1F, L5TE189E1G, L5TE189E1H, L5TE189E1J, L5G6189E1H, L5G6189E1J

2.3L, 2010-2014: L34T189E1, L34T189E1A, L34T189E1B, L34T189E1C, L34T189E1D, L34T189E1E, L34T189E1F

2.5L, 2010-2014: L539189E1, L539189E1A, L539189E1B, L539189E1C, L539189E1D, L539189E1E, L539189E1F, L539189E1G, L539189E1H, L539189E1J

2.5L, 2011-2014: L5F8189E1, L5F8189E1A, L5F8189E1B, L5F8189E1C

2.0L, 2012-2013: LFJE189E1, LFJE189E1A, LFJE189E1B, LFJE189E1C, LFJE189E1D, LFJE189E1E, LFJE189E1F, LFJE189E1G, LFJE189E1H

2.0, 2.3L, 2.5, 2010-2014: LF8M189E1, LF8M189E1A, LF8M189E1B, LF8M189E1C, LF8M189E1D, LF8M189E1E, LF8M189E1F, LF8M189E1G, LF8M189E1H

L539189E1C; L539189E1E; L539189E1D; L539189E1A; L539189E1F; L539-18-9E1F; L539-18-9E1H; L539189E1J; L539-18-9E1J

L34T-18-9E1C L34T189E1

LFJE 18-9E1D 

L5E4189E1C; L5E4189E1D; L5E4-18-9E1D; L5E4-18-9E1E; L5E4189E1B; L5E4189E1E; L5E4189E1; L5E4189E1A; ; L5E4-18-9E1B; L5E4-18-9E1C; L5E4-18-9E1A

L5F8-18-9E1A; L5F8-18-9E1B; L5F8-18-9E1C; L5F8-18-9E1D; L5F8189E1; L5F8189E1A; L5F8189E1B; L5F8189E1C

L32E-18-9E1; L32E-18-9E1B; L32E-18-9E1C; L32E-18-9E1D; L32E189E1; L32E189E1B; L32E189E1C