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VOLKSWAGEN VW Jetta Passat Golf GTI BCM BODY CONTROL MODULE Part & Plug & Play Programming Included

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Have a faulty BCM? Water damaged?

Ship your original BCM to us, we will program our unit (Plug and play) and ship it to you.

We recycle your old part for parts, and send you a good working unit, which includes  our 2 year warranty!

 5K0 937 085 AB 5K0937085AB 5K0937084J 5K0937084

5K0937087AE, 5K0937087AEZ01, 5K0-937-087-AE-Z01; 5K0937087AAZ3K; 5K0937087AAZ3L; 5K0937087AAZ6X; 5K0937087AAZ6Y
5K0937087 5K0-937-087; 5K0937087000, 5K0937084J, 5K0 937 084 J, 5K0937084
5K0 937 084, 5K0 937 084J, 5K0 937 084 J, 5K0937084J, 5K0937084 5K0937084G